Astrix Series

Field-proven three-axis IMU for space applications


Astrix Series results from a 20-year partnership between iXblue and Airbus Defence & Space. Benefiting from the advanced expertise of both companies, including Airbus technical and commercial know-how for the space industry, and iXblue’s FOG technology, capable of withstanding the challenging space environment, the Astrix Series provides a fail-safe solution for various applications such as observation and scientific satellites, global navigation satellite systems, or telecommunications satellites.

Thanks to its outstanding reliability, robustness and extended lifespan, the Astrix Series enables continuous space operations and already equips over 25 satellites on all types of orbits (LEO, MEO, GEO, Lagrangian Point L2…), while counting over 2 million operating hours in space, for both civil and military applications.


Main performances

°/√h (BOL)


Bias stability
over one hour


Scale factor stability
over one month
Ppm in [-10 50°] range


  • High resolution and stability
  • Very low noise from low to high temperatures
  • More than 15 years continuous operation
  • High reliability: no cross strapping, Ps > 0.995 after 5 years continuous operation


  • 4 independant angular rates detection axes in a skewed configuration
  • Compatible with optical payload
  • Auto failure detection for each channel
  • 1553B or RS422 digital interface
  • Ground-based simulation in operation condition available